Pioneer Spirit Radio Episodes

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 Episode 1  (mp3) Music, poetry, Mata Whatevananda and an interview with Namadeva 

 Episode 2  (AAC) Great music, original poetry and more from Mata Whatevananda

Episode 3  (mp3) Nisargadatta, Mata Whatevananda and an awesome interview with Krishna Das

Episode 4 (mp3) Music, more Mata, a talk from Baba Harihar Ram-ji and the poetry of Rilke 

Episode 5 (mp3) Mata Whatevananda, Music and a live interview with Bob Masla

Episode 6 (mp3) Music, poetry, Mata Whatevananda and special Guest DJ Anna Sobel visits the show

Episode 7 (mp3) Music, Mata Whatevananda, poetry and a discourse by Ram Dass 

Episode 8 (mp3) Music, Mata, a live interview with Greg Besek and some poetry 

Episode 9 (mp3) Guest DJ Lady Tiana Sophia visits the show for a live interview, Mata, poetry and more 

Episode 10 (mp3) Music, Mata Whatevananda, poetry and a talk from Baba Harihar Ram-ji 

Episode 11 (mp3) Ashley spins an eclectic mix, Mata Whatevananda, readings and a meditation from Ram Dass

Episode 12 (mp3) Shubal welcomes Guest DJ Anna Sobel back to the show 

Episode 13 (mp3) Music, Mata and stories of Ganesha from Vanamali 

Episode 14 (mp3) Shubal and Ashley welcome Guest DJ Mark Baven 

Episode 15.1 and 15.2 (mp3) Ashley spins some holiday tunes, Mata welcomes the New Year, and Guest DJ Auriel Morgana

Episode 16 (mp3) Shubal and Ashley welcome Guest DJ Bob Veronelli spinning some Gospel greats

Episode 17 (mp3) Ashley and Shubal hang out and play some music from listener Dana 

Episode 18 (mp3) Krishna takes the focus of this show, with music and stories 

Episode 19 (mp3) Shubal and Ashley devote the show to Kali Ma, the Divine Mother 

Episode 20 (mp3) Shubal shares music and stories of Shiva 

Episode 21 (mp3) Ashley and Shubal play music and share stories of Ramakrishna 

Episode 22 (mp3) Ashley recovers from Shivaratri kirtan and chats with guests Satya and Bill 

Episode 23 (mp3) Shubal and Ashley spin music and welcome guest Bill Ormerod 

Episode 24 (mp3) Ashley and Shubal share a variety of tunes and a talk with Baba Harihar Ram-ji 

Episode 25.1(intro) and 25.2 (mp3) Shubal and Ashley welcome Joseph Getter to the show for music and conversation

Episode 26 (mp3) Shubal shares music and stories of Hanuman 

Episode 27 (mp3) Ashley and Shubal welcome Dr. Amy Kahn to the show for a discussion on PTSD as a spiritual path

Episode 28.1 (mp3) Ashley spins a rockin' show full of music(partial, more coming soon) 

Episode 29 (mp3) Shubal hangs out with Auriel Morgana and Amanda in the studio 

Episode 30 (mp3) Shubal spins music and talks with Quakers Allison and Marciana 

Episode 31 (mp3) Ashley and Shubal welcome Mitch Kopp to the show for an amazing live performance and interview 

Episode 32.1 (wav) and 32.2 (mp3) Ashley spins a musical thread with a melange of kirtan

Episode 33 (mp3) Shubal and Ashley explore Gospel and a talk from the Vedanta Society on the fear of death

Episode 34 (mp3) Ashley and Shubal welcome Prajna Hallstrom to the show for a great interview

Episode 35 (mp3) Shubal and Ashley welcome Robert Moses to the show for an in-depth interview

Episode 36 (mp3) Ashley weaves a musical web and shares a talk from Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Episode 37 (mp3) Ashley plays a rockin' kirtan mix and a talk on Tantra from Osho

Episode 38 (mp3) Shubal and Ashley celebrate Guru Purnima with music and a talk on the holiday from Baba Harihar Ram-ji

Episode 39 (mp3) Ashley and Shubal spin a show of great kirtan music

Episode 40 (mp3) Shubal and Ashley explore the story of Buddha with a talk from the Vedanta Society and a blend of music

Episode 41 (mp3) Shubal and Ashley welcome Rabbi Ephraim Eisen to the show for a wonderful discussion with a little music in the mix

Episode 42 (mp3) Ashley spins a mix of kirtan that goes deep, honoring the Divine Mother

Episode 43 (mp3) Shubal and Ashley banter and play some new and old kirtan tunes

Episode 44 (mp3) Shubal plays tunes and part 1 of a 1983 talk with Tim Leary and Ram Dass

Episode 45 (mp3) Ashley offers musical selections and part 2 of the Tim Leary/Ram Dass talk

Episode 46 (mp3) Music with Ashley at the helm

Episode 48 (mp3) Ashley and Shubal spin a musical journey

Episode 49 (mp3) Ashley offers musical selections for Sunday afternoons

Episode 50 (mp3) Ashley spins a fresh mix of kirtan

Episode 51 (mp3) Ashley plays some kirtan and a talk from Ram Dass on the yoga of relationship

Episode 52 (mp3) Kirtan and a dharma talk from Baba Harihar Ram-Ji on the path of Aghor

Episode 53 (mp3) Ashley and Shubal offer music and a 1988 talk in honor of Albert Hofmann with Tim Leary and Ram Dass

Episode 54 (mp3) Ashley and Shubal welcome Bhagavan Das Shyam from the Hridaya Hermitage in Maine to the show

Episode 55 (mp3) Shubal and Ashley play some music and a talk from Ram Dass on service

Episode 56 (mp3) Ashley offers a little music and a bit of William James along with a 1979 talk from Ram Dass on love beyond the reach of time

Episode 57 (mp3) Music and a talk from Ram Dass encouraging us to risk being human

Episode 59.1 and 59.2 (mp3) Ashley spins a musical experience and a talk from the Kali Mandir satsang on Ramakrishna as the wish fulfilling tree



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